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The OddFellows are a unique group of individuals who have chosen a first class ticket on our wild journey.  Every OddFellow spot is first come, first served and will have the option for annual renewal before they open to the public.  We are switching things up this year and only offering one level of membership.  See below for more information!

If you are interested in becoming a member of The OddFellows be sure to swing by the brewery!


Unfortunately we are unable to ship beer, so all bottles must be picked by members or a friend/family member who is of legal drinking age.  We will happily work with anyone who is unable to pick up there bottles on the release date by offering a window of time in which we will store your allocations. 

OddFellows Membership

  • Limited to 100 members

  • 2023/2024 OddFellows Exclusive Shirt

  • $1 off your first beer each day

  • $1 off Growler Fills + 4-Packs

  • 10% off Merchandise

  • Monthly Giveaway

    • Each month a member will be randomly chosen to receive a $50 Gift Card + Glassware and Sticker package​

  • Annual Giveaway (October 24)

    • At the end of the OddFellows' year we will host a gathering and giveaway over $500 in merch, prizes and goodies. Members must be present to the annual giveaway to win.​

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