T A P  L I S T



Brewed with Pilsner and Pale malt.  Hopped with Azacca, Idaho 7 and Comet hops.

LEGAL SMILE - West Coast IPA – 7.2%

Made in collaboration with our good friends at Hometree! Brewed with Pale malt.  Hopped with 2268 grams per barrels of Simcoe, Idaho 7, Galena and Chinook hops.

A NEW PAIR OF EYES - Hazy IPA – 6.8%

Brewed with Pilsner and Pale malt.  Hopped with Cryo El Dorado and Cryo Cascade hops.

EMBRACE THE STARS - Hazy Pale Ale – 5.1%

Brewed with Pale 2 Row and White Wheat.  Hopped with Talus and Galena hops.


Brewed with MT Craft Malt Pale 2 Row and Victory malt.  Dry-Hopped with a massive addition of Simcoe hops, as well as Centennial and Columbus hops.

LA RENARD - Barrel-Aged Sour w/Petite Sirah Grape Must - 4.8%

Golden sour base beer that was fermented and aged for 8 months in oak barrels with Petite Sirah grape must from the Livermore Valley.

ARDENT MOON - Apricot Kettle Sour w/Lactose Sugar - 5.0%

Brewed with Pilsner malt.  We added 31lbs of Apricot per barrel, dry-hopped with Idaho 7 and a gentle addition of lactose sugar for some body.  While still on the dry side, this beer pops with Apricot and Grapefruit pith.

WOVEN FATES - Amber Saison – 4.5%

Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Rye and Amber malts.  Hopped with Spalter Select.

B.A.D.B. - Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout - 13.5%

We aged Deathbloom, our Imperial Stout, in Montgomery Distillery Sudden Wisdom (Rye Whiskey) barrels for 5 months.

MARV E. LUS - Dark English Mild - 3.3%

Brewed with Maris Otter, Brown, Black and Chocolate malt.  Gently hopped with Spalter Select.

VEIL OF SHADOWS - Imperial Porter w/Clyde Coffee and Cacao - 8.5%

Brewed with Maris Otter, black malt and flaked oats.  We asked the homies at Clyde Coffee to suggest a roast to compliment this beer.  A freshly roasted batch of their "Mountain Bride" was selected to condition with the beer along with a healthy dose of cacao.


REY OF LIGHT - Pilsner - 5.4%

Brewed with Pilsner and Victory malt.  Hopped with Tettnang hops. Named after one of our favorite Jedi.


FATHER OF THE WOLF - Hefeweizen - 5.3%

Brewed with Wheat and Pale malt.  Hopped with East Kent Golding hops.


GIMME SOME MONEY - English Golden - 4.6%

Brewed with Pilsner and Pale malt and White Wheat.  Hopped with Spalter Select and Hallertau Blanc hops.  This beer goes to eleven.


HUNGRY FOR HEAVEN - Helles Lager - 4.7%

Brewed with Pilsner malt and hopped with Spalter Select. When you're Hungry for Heaven, but you need a little Hell...