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OddPitch + Matchless = Good Touch

We wanted to put out a little update for all of you wondering, "Where? When? Why? Is OddPitch Brewing?". Some of you may know, some of you may imagine, some of you may have no idea that opening a business is no easy venture. A start-up without a massive amount of financial backing is a difficult place to begin, but it's how we chose to start and we are going to do it.

We are currently in the thick of lease negotiations on a building that we truly believe would be an awesome space for OddPitch. As with all things, it is not a definite but we are busting our booties to make it happen. What else can we tell you? We have begun ordering equipment! Piecing together a brewery takes a bit of coordination and when something good comes your way you can't pass it up. So we have some shinies heading our way over the next couple of months.

If you haven't been following us on the social media you may have missed our collaboration with our homies at Matchless Brewing in Tumwater, WA. We brewed up a 30BBL (930 gallons) batch of Saison that will be split in to four different beers. The first of them are being bottled next week and the remainder of the beer will go to barrel (former Western Cider Whiskey Peach barrels), soured and set to lay with some Montana and Washington grown cherries and huckleberries. We are hoping to see some of these releases available in our state eventually, but laws won't allow us to sell the beer ourselves. But hopefully we can get distribution from Matchless over here before they are gone.

We have been getting a lot of requests for an online store for merchandise and that will come in a bit. We need to make sure we have a good stock of inventory before we go down that road, but look for the announcement on the sosh (that's short for social media) sooner than later. So, things are truckin' along for us, takin' names, kickin' boot! We are insanely excited to rock with all of our fans and loved ones and begin the next chapter of this insane adventure. We have so many awesome things in store.

Keep it real you beautiful beasts!

Team OddPitch

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