Crowd Funding + The OddFellows

The OddFellows

Yeah, wow. It's been a long time since we made a post up here! We had best intentions to keep a steady stream of news on the blog over the last year. But as it turns out, opening a business sure does take up a lot of time and brain power! Alas, here we are with a quick update about the progression of the brewery.

If you follow us on social media I'm sure you know by this point that we are looking to launch our crowdfunding campaign around the beginning of October! With that on the calendar that means we have secured the funding we need to start moving this project forward at full speed! That fun little fact is still sinking in every day for us. So much excite!

Along with the announcement of the campaign we have also posted information about The OddFellows on our website. This is a small group of our super friends that will get to enjoy unique merchandise, beers and celebrations of everything OddPitch! Memberships will first be available when we launch crowdfunding and any remaining spots will be filled in the months leading up to us opening. They won't last long, so be sure to jump on that crazy train.

We'd also like to give a quick Big Up and One Love to everyone who has supported us a long the way. It's been such a fun ride and the response to what we are doing has been overwhelming. So, from all of us at OddPitch Brewing, Thank you so very much! We love you!

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