Montana Wild Ale

Montana Wild Ale

Brewing beer is an art form. On your palette you have different grains, sugars and adjuncts that you combine to lay the base (wort) for your project. The wort gives you an idea of where you are heading, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Also on your palette you have yeast and bacteria. These are the true creators, the manipulators and ultimate story tellers. Brewers lay the ground work for these microbes and with as much understanding as they can, they let them go free and finish what they started.

There are thousands of domesticated yeast strains and bacteria for us to choose from. They have been isolated, cultured and banked by laboratories. Their characteristics and personalities documented so that we know what to expect when we use them. There is nearly an endless amount we can create with those cultures alone, however, like any artist, brewers want more to work with.

Yeast and bacteria are all around you, everywhere, all the time. Some of them spoil food, some of them make your feet smell bad, others just lurk around and don't do much of anything at all. But they are there and part of your everyday life. Each place, each thing has it's own micro-flora made up by these tiny organisms. There are some amazing breweries in this World that have captured these free roaming microbes and utilize them to produce incredible beers specific to their region.

Brewing to us is more than producing a drinkable, alcoholic beverage. We also want to experiment, to innovate and to constantly expand our art form. We are proud to be from Montana and what better way to show our admiration than to add her to our brewing palette. We have begun using wild yeast and bacteria we have harvested from locations around the state in small pilot batches of our beer. We hope to find some cultures that want to work with us and join the family to bring you truly Montana made beer. We'll keep you updated on the experiment.


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