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ODD /äd/

adj. | different from what is usual or expected; strange |


vb. | a brewer's term meaning to add the yeast to the fermenter  |

Get to KNow us

At OddPitch Brewing our focus is to be on the forefront of creativity and innovation in the craft beer industry.  We maintain a rotating line up of experimental, traditional and often times, simply odd beers.  Be sure to check out our current On Tap line-up by clicking the "Beers" tab. 


We also have a large barrel-aging program.  We have sourced barrels that previously held wine and spirits from regional producers to age our beer.  Most of our wine barrels are used for aging our wide range of sour beers and our spirits barrels house everything from Saisons to Stouts.

Gabe Stinchfield
Owner/Assistant Brewer
Gabe has been working in the craft beer industry for ten years and brewing almost as long.  Three years after taking up the hobby he began working on his dream, opening OddPitch Brewing.  His passion is focused on mixed culture fermentation, barrel-aging and the use of unique ingredients.
Jacob Principe
Head Brewer/Juniper's Dad
Jake began his adventure in brewing six years ago and like the rest of the OddPitch team, the passion and obsession took hold. After several years of being immersed in the art of homebrewing he took it to the next level. Jake completed the Craft Brewing and Fermentation certificate program at MSUB in Billings, MT and began his life as a professional brewer.
Kendra Bell
Taproom Manager/Queen
Since day one, Kendra has been written in to the plan. She’s passionate, inspiring and simply one of the most wonderful fleedles to grace this planet. With over a decade of management experience and an insatiable love for craft beer she's earned the title Queen Bee(r).

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